Fake 18K Gold UK Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches

Since 1995, the 007 GoldenEye, every 007 movies, the 18k yellow gold pointer Omega Seamaster replica watches are the James Bond strength equipment. When the copy Omega designers designs for the 50th anniversary of the movie “007 gold finger”, the “gold” undoubtedly become the best choice.

fake 18k gold Omega

To pay tribute to the popular film 007, the copy 18k gold bezel Omega watches create the unique the fake 18k gold Omega Aqua Terra watches. This commemorative copy Omega Aqua Terra watches use the implicative 38.5 mm 18k gold watchcase and the same fabric bracelet. The dial also by 18 k gold.

18k yellow gold pointer Omega Seamaster replica

The 18k yellow gold pointer of the fake Omega watches is covered with the LumiNova coating and in any light condition can promptly and accurately read. The end of the second hand is the delicate 007 mark (also for 18 k gold).


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